This is the third annual report published by Nordic Content Protection (NCP) and compiled in December 2017.

Instead of continuing with our usual Trend Report format, we decided to focus the attention on two actual criminal cases, previously reported to law enforcement by NCP. The decision to change the topic, was primarily based on the intention to provide further insight into the work NCP conducts (with regards to enforcement of intellectual property rights) than is possible with the more standard yearly report.

Describing investigations and case events is always a considerable challenge, and a fine balance between providing a sufficient account of the events, without disclosing too much detail in terms of investigational techniques used, whilst continually respecting the right to privacy. For this reason, some aspects of this report have been intentionally omitted.

Readers with relevant and valid inquiries about specific details, are welcome to contact NCP for further information and knowledge sharing.

The report will conclude with a final section on the current threat landscape, as we have previ- ously witnessed unfold in 2017.

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